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Divorce & Separation

We don’t just see divorce as a process of bringing a marriage to an end – it is also the beginning of a new journey for both parties.

Property Settlement

All property of the relationship is open for consideration, whether it is registered in joint names, or in either party’s sole name.

Children's Issues

When separating, it is important to consider how your separated living arrangements will impact your children, including where the children live and/or how they spend time with each parent.

De Facto Relationships

If you fall within the requirements that define a de facto relationship as stated below, then it may be necessary for you to consider the necessity to address property settlement related matters.

Family & Domestic Violence

Family Violence is a serious social issue that affects the health and well-being of parents, children and families throughout Australia, permeating all demographics.

Spousal Maintenance

It is possible that you may be entitled to receive spousal maintenance payments from your partner, or alternatively, that your ex-partner may attempt to seek spousal maintenance payments from you.

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