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Child Support Agreements

If parents are unhappy with a child support assessment, they can reach an agreement and formalize it by way of a child support agreement. There are two types of child support agreements: Limited Child Support Agreements (“LCSA”); and Binding Child Support Agreements (“BCSA”). Both types of agreements replace the child

Your spouse abandons you, runs off with another person, and you do not know where they are. Can you divorce them? What do you do with the jointly owned property and your spouse’s personal items that they left behind? Firstly, it is important to consider the matters you need to

With effect from 28 September 2022, de facto couples in Western Australia can (finally) access new legislation which allows the transfer of superannuation entitlements following separation, for the purpose of property settlement. The Family Law Amendment (Western Australia De Facto Superannuation Splitting and Bankruptcy) Act 2020 (Cth) is a welcome and

From a family law perspective, it has raised (in some cases) a divisive issue of whether parents should vaccinate their children. At the time of writing this article, COVID-19 vaccination is not mandatory, which means parents and guardians who have shared parental responsibility for a child can decide what to


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